I am a certified intuitive, tarot Angel Card reader.

By Doreen Virtue and Raleigh Valentine. Also a reiki master and coach

My name is Jozefa Adriaan and I am clairvoyance from child age. When I was younger it wasn’t possible to talk about everything and often they said she is greasy. So I blocked it for many years because I saw to much.

After a trauma I found out that I had to go back to my roots and accepting what I was and could do for others.

I started all over again. On a different way this time. Even when I have a photographic memory ,Cards say it on a differente way to my now. I have to read and text is popping up, than I get the words I want to say or the seeing , feeling things. I also  channel with my guides.

 In angel readings I found that, what I always wanted to do on special way,

 helping other people to find their answers to guide them .

 I Speak several languages like

German, Italian, English, Spanish Dutch.

So do you have questions about what you want to do , what your life purpose would be.

How your  Romance will be , do you want the find the right  one in this lifetime. health, children, past life, heaven.

Way are you blocked and things  always go wrong. Want helps to guide you on your way.

I can help you with all your questions in a long or short time. Trough Skype, email , messenger, WhatsApp

The Celtic Cross Spread, Hearth reading or a 3 card reading. Overall  basis of the situation; past, present, the near future.

The Angels, are  guiding you.

Do you want coaching or a reiki treatment, at home or through skype on distance. Just let me know.

 Love and blessings to you

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